SAT Math Prep


SAT Math Prep for Summer 2023

Teacher: Caleb Alons

Email: calebscotta@gmail.com

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Course Description: High school students preparing for college in the present day rarely escape the three letters SAT. Like any standardized test, success is almost always based on practicing the specific skill of standardized test-taking. The keys to unlock the structure, content, and pacing of the SAT Math tests are learnable and practicable and can be mastered swiftly. Each weekday, students will watch a video lecture on how to solve math problems of a particular SAT Math topic and then practice on former exam questions related to the topic of the day. Students will receive live topical lessons on Mondays and Wednesdays and engage in a weekly office hour on Fridays to bring their questions and receive additional help.

This course has been redesigned and revamped from the previous year to prepare students for the SAT/PSAT in light of College Board's recent decision to transition the SAT/PSAT to a digital format. SAT Math Prep will prepare students planning to take the SAT/PSAT in the upcoming academic year, whether they choose to take the traditional paper-and-pencil or digital format.

Who Should Take: As this is a slightly more rigorous prep course, students should be familiar with the topics found in Algebra I/II and Geometry.

Technical Requirements: Students must have Internet access and be able to view PDF files. Students should also be able to join and participate in Zoom calls for the live components of the course. Any student taking the SAT will need a calculator. Please refer to College Board’s page on calculators: https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/exam-policies-guidelines/calculator-policies.

Hours of Study (Weekly): Students should prepare to spend approximately 6-8 hours a week. I do accommodate student travel plans, illnesses, and special events. Students should notify me of family summer vacation plans at least one week in advance so that proper accommodations can be made!

Course Meeting Times: Live sessions are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM EST each week. Mondays and Wednesdays are topic lectures, and Fridays are office hours. Students should contact me if they will not be able to attend a live session a week in advance.

Course Fee: $130 per student.

Length of Course: The course is 4 weeks long, from July 10 – August 6 (2023).

Academic Credits: SAT Math Prep is a preparatory, “noncredit” course. No grade will be assigned by the instructor. The goal is, of course, to help maximize a future SAT score.

Instructor Qualifications: I am a full-time student at Oral Roberts University and will be finishing my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics next year. This is my second year teaching with AP Homeschoolers, and I’m thrilled to return!

Mathematics and Teaching Experience:

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About the Instructor: I am the middle child of a family of seven. I was adopted from South Korea and homeschooled until leaving for university. Aside from work, I have succumbed to the “Jack of All Trades” lifestyle, and my hobbies include All Things Creative (maths, multi-instrumentalist, composition, photography/videography, cooking), speedcubing, competitive birding, and petting my Golden Doodle, Roxy. But above them all, teaching is My Hobby. Teaching has always been my first love. I rehearse lectures while walking between classes or driving to work. I troubleshoot and answer student questions while waiting in lunch lines. The opportunity to share knowledge and help others grow and learn never fails to bring me immense fulfillment and satisfaction. Serving my peers and students is a privilege, and I’m beyond thrilled for this coming summer!

“The teacher is the servant of his students.” – Caleb Scott Alons

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