Creative Writing - A Survey of the Craft


Creative Writing - A Survey of the Craft for Summer 2023

Teacher: Alexia Reed

Email: Alexiareed725@gmail.com

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Creative Writing - A Survey of the Craft (Summer 2023)

Teacher: Mrs. Reed

Email: Alexiareed725@gmail.com

Registration: $200.00

Your can register here once registration opens. Registration will open February 1st.

About this Course:

This course is adapted from a longer novel-writing course in creative writing. The purpose of this course is to introduce creative writing in fiction to students who are interested in fiction writing in any capacity or genre and for students to experiment with their own writing. This course would be great for any aspiring creative writer, students who are interested in elements of storytelling, or any student wanting to expand their fiction repertoire in order to submit work for publication. 

This is a 6-week long course. Every week, students will read either a novel or short story demonstrating a specific craft element focused on each week. Each week, students will meet twice synchronously over Zoom in order to discuss the common readings and students' own writing. Weekly assignments will be given via Canvas and will pertain solely to discussions based on common readings/craft elements, and short creative pieces experimenting with craft elements. Students will receive peer feedback on their writing. Participation in synchronous meetings is a part of the assignments for this course, but there is some flexibility in that these two live sessions will be held at different times (one morning, one afternoon) to accommodate summer schedules. A make-up assignment will be available for students who miss a live session (these will be recorded for students to view who missed), but I do ask that students attend at least one of these sessions in order to receive feedback. At the end, students will choose one piece they have previously submitted and expand it for publication in a chosen literary journal/magazine. However, students do not have to submit their work at the end—they must simply meet submission guidelines. 

Course Goals:

Start Date: July 3rd, 2022

End Date: August 11th, 2022

Cost of Course: $200. This course is worth ½ credit. 


Week 1: Introduction to fellow creative writers, to the craft, to modes of creative writing (flash fiction, short story, novella, novel, screenwriting...)

Week 2: Narration and Perspective - This Is How You Lose the Time War

Week 3: Plotting and Elements of Time - Girl with a Pearl Earring

Week 4: Worldbuilding, Setting, and Realism - The Hobbit

Week 5: Genre and Reader Expectations - [Short Story Genre Selections]

Week 6: Reading fellow student's works and where we go from here as writers



About the Instructor:

Mrs. Reed is an English writing, literature, and composition instructor.  She is a 2021 honors graduate of Rosemont College where she studied English literature, writing, Spanish language, and partook in the creative writing MFA program. She will graduate in 2023 from the University of North Dakota with a Master of Arts Degree in English and a thesis on building curriculum and novel writing. While at the University of North Dakota, Mrs. Reed taught freshman writing courses in composition, business writing, and information literacy. In the past, she has worked as a writing tutor at the Harrisburg Area Community College of Lancaster and a philosophy tutor at Rosemont College. She has worked with several university literary magazines including Thorn and Woodcrest Literary Magazine. This is her second year of teaching AP Language and Composition and she is excited to continue. She currently lives in North Dakota with her husband and two large dogs. She hopes to publish novels in the near future and to explore the budding independent publishing industry. 

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