AP Calculus BC Reviews

AP Calculus BC (Shreya C)

Posted by Priya Jagannathan on 08/25/2023

1. Did you feel this class prepared you for the AP exam?

Yes, this class really prepared me for the AP exam! Throughout the year, Ms. Henderson gave me really detailed feedback on my coursework, which helped me solidify my understanding of the concepts we were learning. As we approached exam day, Ms. Henderson was so responsive to my questions about the test and provided us with many resources to practice.

2. Are there any particularly favorite assignments that you found especially valuable?

I found the full-length AP Calculus BC practice tests really helpful—I learned how to pace myself given the time constraints for exam day. This constant practice made me feel really confident when I took the real test! 

3. Did this class enhance your interest in the subject?

This class definitely enhanced my interest in the engineering applications of calculus—and I can’t wait to pursue it in college!

~Shreya C

    Rock Your Exam! by Jacob Chardos

    Posted by Mrs. Richman on 05/25/2023

    AP Calculus BC is presented beautifully in this course. I'd never done an online course where I felt so in control of my studies, as I had tutoring sessions offered to me twice a week, plentiful helpful resources for each topic, and an extremely organized schedule. The course content was spread out nicely throughout the syllabus, allowing me to work for fifty minutes a day at most. 

    The course made my appreciation for math grow. Calculus BC brings math's beauty to a new level, and this course helps you be able to experience it! I found it really neat that Calculus BC included everything I'd ever learned as well as interesting real-life applications, such as finding how many liters of gasoline have been used by a car by the time it reaches a certain speed.

    I found Unit 1, Advanced Methods of Integration, particularly insightful, as I had not been able to conceive a way to solve certain problems before discovering the methods described in the unit. This class fully prepared me for the AP exam. I had over a month to review, and review again, everything in Calculus. The review schedule provided took away the burden of not knowing how and what to study. 

    Every student can thrive in this class, as long as they put some work into it, knowing that they will be  greatly rewarded! Ms. Henderson is very personable and is willing to help you as much as you need. She went above and beyond to answer questions and always responded to emails in a timely manner.

      Calculus BC Review

      Posted by David Peterson on 05/21/2023
      • Did you feel this class prepared you for the AP exam?
        Yes, I would say the class did a good job preparing me for the AP exam, the course does a good job reviewing and doing practice tests at the end of the year and Ms. Henderson was especially helpful and knowledgeable about the AP exam grading and FRQs which was nice.
      • How many hours of work per day or per week did you generally put into this class?
        Like most classes, it varies week by week, for example, for some topics like vector-valued functions, I already had a decent grasp of the main ideas from taking physics, so I only spent around 2-3 hours a week on the subject. But on weeks where we were covering harder topics (to me at least), I would say I spent somewhere between 4-6 hours a week including reading the textbook and doing assignments.
      • Did this class enhance your interest in the subject?
        I already really liked Calculus AB so it's hard to say my interest has grown a ton, but the class was very interesting and I liked the new topics covered so I would say my interest grew a bit yeah. 
      • Did you find your communications with other students to be interesting or valuable?
        I didn't really interact with other students much, I don't really mind that though. 
      • What sort of student would do well in this class? Would you recommend this class to other students (if they are willing to work hard!)?
        If you liked AB you will most likely enjoy taking this class. I would easily recommend the class to anyone who has taken AB and still has time to take BC. 

        Well-Organized Class and Amazing Teacher!

        Posted by Sofia Ferrer on 05/24/2022 3

        Mrs. Henderson is one of the best teachers I've had—she is very understanding, quick to respond to emails, and caring to her students. The office hours sessions she offered were super helpful—I left every session satisfied that I finally understood what I had been confused about. She's very willing to help out as you need, and she is clearly very knowledgeable of the subject. 

        The class itself was very organized, and the work load wasn't too heavy. A week's work usually looked like a 5 page lesson, some videos, and a quiz or a problem set. You'll get out of this class as much as you put it—looking back, I feel that it would've helped a lot more if I had worked on more of the extra practice problems Mrs. Henderson offered to go along with every lesson, so I recommend that to future students. The written lessons and the videos were easy to go through and very clear in their explanations, though actual practice is crucial as a supplement, and Mrs. Henderson does offer plenty of practice opportunities beyond the required assignments that are worth taking advantage of. 

        Disclaimer: I took this class without taking a formal AP Calc AB course (I self-studied over the summer), and while it went okay, I think it would be best to make sure you're fully knowledgeable about the Calc AB content before taking this class because the class does review the Calc AB content, but the Calc AB review is very fast-paced, and the course in general requires a firm understanding of Calc AB concepts. 

          Well-Planned, Clear, Thorough...Simply Excellent

          Posted by PM (Student) on 05/09/2022

          This course is stellar. If you want to be well-prepared for your AP exam in May without ever feeling swamped with work between August and April, this is the class for you!

          Mrs. Henderson's extensive knowledge of Calculus and expertise as an instructor are on full display.