AP US Government Reviews

AP Gov with Mr. Munson

Posted by Oz Susskind on 05/12/2024

Mr. Munson is an incredibly thoughtful, kind, and knowledgeable educator; his class has truly been a highlight of my past year. The class itself is well-structured and thorough, providing an extensive background on governmental processes, interactions, and foundations. One of the best aspects of the class is how it balances actual AP exam prep with more general learning. I never felt as if we spent an excessive amount of time simply doing AP practice, but I still felt exceedingly prepared for the exam. In terms of workload, the class is highly involved, with most weeks having anywhere from 4-6 assignments. However, the assignments were never overly tedious or particularly difficult, and many can be completed in less than an hour, depending on the amount of content you need to cover. A large portion of the class is based on note-taking exercises, and while that might initially sound somewhat unengaging, I actually found the process to be incredibly effective for the retention of the material––I probably remember the content from this class more than any other! Furthermore, the textbook we use is genuinely quite fun to read and fascinating. Aside from the practical features of the class, all of which are excellent, Mr. Munson is an absolute joy to learn from. His lectures were always focused and thorough but, above all, truly interesting and thought-provoking. If you want to further an existing passion for political science or develop a new appreciation for the field, Mr. Munson is the teacher for you. 

    AP GoPo With Michael Munson

    Posted by Derin Ayas on 06/08/2022 6

    Mr. Munson is a great teacher and helped me get through my toughest academic year so far. I had many unexpected obstacles that came up during this year which made things very difficult for me. Mr. Munson was always very supportive and helpful. Throughout the course we went through a plethora of content, and with plenty of review during the year and towards the end, I felt I was ready to take the exam. There is so much to learn in this class and although it was challenging at times I learned a lot about the government: its history, how it works and interacts with citizens and individual states, and how it can shape our future. By the end of the course, my interest had grown tremendously in the subject and I look forward to keep on learning more in the future. This is a challenging course and requires good time management skills. I feel that this course thoroughly prepared me for the AP exam and gave me an in-depth understanding of politics, lawmaking, and the inherent challenges of self-governing!

      AP US Government and Politics Review for Mr.Munson's class

      Posted by Arjun Gupta on 06/07/2022

      This is one of the best AP classes that I have taken in High School. Mr. Munson is a great teacher, and he made the course curriculum fun and engaging which allowed us to retain the course material better. He was very supportive and provided guidance throughout the year. He was a great teacher, and was very passionate about the subject which allowed for thorough and analytical discussions during our weekly live sessions. He was extremely knowledgeable about the material and always answered any questions we had.  

      I felt this course prepared me extremely well to take the AP US Government and Politics exam. On test day, there were no surprises as we had gone over all the curriculum and had done multiple practice FRQ's and multiple choice exams. I felt the argumentative essays and the Supreme Court comparison FRQ's that were assigned throughout the year were particularly helpful for the actual AP Exam. 

      This course definitively enhanced my interest in the function and purpose of our government as well as that of our political system. Mr. Munson was very passionate about the material and imparted that passion to us throughout the year. I definitely enjoyed the course and our weekly live lessons. Coming into this course, I had very little previous knowledge about our government and political system but now I feel like a pro!

      I found the weekly communications that I had with other students during our live sessions to be valuable as it was nice to learn from what they had to say. Many times they also brought up insightful questions. 

      Any student with an open mind would do well in this course. I would also recommend this course to other students because not only does it prepare you to take the AP Exam, but it also prepares you to participate in civic life and to fulfill your civic duties.

        AP Government and Politics Review

        Posted by Ilinca Drondoe on 05/15/2022

        I truly enjoyed AP Government and Politics with Mr. Munson and can't recommend it enough! As an incoming international relations and political science major, I was eager to take AP GoPo to build upon my existing knowledge and passion for the field of study. It certainly lived up to my expectations, confirming and expanding my interest in government, teaching me new skills that I know will be invaluable in the future (like the analysis of legal cases and political data), and preparing me to head into college this fall with confidence. 

        Our textbook was clear, engaging, well-written, and full of up-to-date information that helped with understanding exam topics as well as current political issues! I genuinely liked reading through it. Inside, I could not only find excellent explanations of Supreme Court cases and Constitutional Amendments, but also interviews with political figures and concrete ways to apply course content in our everyday lives, as exemplified by a section on identifying mis- and disinformation online. I know I will return to our textbook as a resource and guide in the future. 

        My favorite aspect of the course was the fact that our assignments helped us "learn how to learn." As we worked through the course, we had to create study guides, take detailed Cornell notes, as well as summarize and analyze Supreme Court cases and their constitutional applications. By the time the AP exam rolled around, I already had incredible study materials at my disposal which I had created for myself throughout the year as a result of our coursework! I loved the emphasis on not only reading about a concept, but also interrogating it and breaking it down so it was easy to understand and remember. Ample exam review was woven throughout the entire year; come May, we had covered every important skill, document, and vocabulary term multiple times in a variety of ways, from discussions and reading assignments to videos and essays! We also made use of the College Board's preparation materials, which meant I felt well-versed in handling the type of questions that I later found on the exam. 

        Mr. Munson was a wonderful teacher, and he always took the time to answer our questions and guide us through the material. I would look forward to our weekly class meetings, as they were fun, relevant, and engaging! In addition to covering the essential course content, Mr. Munson would help us understand how everything we were learning about -- from public policy and foreign affairs to political socialization and civil rights -- is applicable to our own lives, our current political climate, and events in the news. He was also flexible, helping me determine how to fit the assignments into my schedule and manage my time. Additionally, he would often encourage us to engage with the political issues we care about beyond the classroom and embody the change we wish to see in the world, which made our class environment very positive and empowering.

        I felt very prepared for the AP Government exam, and although I have not received my score yet, I walked out of the testing room feeling very confident about how everything went. I actually enjoyed taking the test (yes, really!) because it felt like a perfect culmination of the course and the chance to apply my knowledge. I was able to answer all of the multiple choice questions with ease, and the free response questions were on topics we had discussed numerous times throughout the year which made them fun to tackle! 
        I would definitely recommend this course to any student with an interest in government or the social sciences at large, as well as anyone hoping to increase their understanding of current events.