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AP* Online Test Preparation Classes

Any concept at all can be completely explained, dissected, and broken down by the study group discussion board, Mrs. Gilleran in the comments, the 5 min video lectures she assigns, or the endless websites and resources she puts at your disposal.

We offer full-year online AP courses to homeschooled students worldwide. Registration is open for the 2014-2015! Plenty of room in all classes-- teachers will post when their classes are filled at their class description.

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Our classes develop a community of scholars who interact through class postings, games and discussions. Check out our new Class Showcase postings by teachers to get more of a feel for their classes in action. 

See statistics from the College Board showing that more than three quarters of our students earn top grades of 4 or 5 on the AP exams, and learn how word of mouth has helped our courses grow without a marketing campaign or corporate backing.

In short, find out what makes hundreds of homeschooled students return to our courses year after year. We hope you join our class community! Learn more...

We are pleased to announce that Anna Rebmann will be offering a 4th section of AP English LANGUAGE -- this is a change from her initial offering of AP English Literature, as we could see this year that there is more demand for the Language course. See her new course description-- and send in your application! All of AP Eng Language courses are now filled.