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I plan to major in economics based largely on the strength of this course.  I also applied for a full-tuition + yearly stipend academic scholarship in economics at a top university... [and] I ended up getting the scholarship.  Before my senior year, my knowledge of economics pretty much went as far as a rudimentary understanding of supply and demand.

We offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses to homeschooled students worldwide. Our classes are not available to public or private brick-and-mortar school students. We do work with some online charter schools that work with homeschooling students (especially in California-- email for further details). Our 2020-2021 school year class descriptions are now being updated, and teachers are actively taking new applications. Our online store will be ready for paying tuition on March 1, 2020, once a student has been accepted into a course-- or families can pay by check or use our payment plan. To learn more about our classes, please browse our course descriptions and the reviews from past students and their parents. Reviews are linked at the end of each course description. (Obviously, new teachers won't yet have 'class reviews'.) 

Parents may want to check out the NEW College Board PARENT section of their website, especially their *Parent Webinar* series. You'll see that there are several directly related to the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) program, giving you further background on the goals of AP overall. Plus you'll find great ideas on navigating the whole college admissions process also. Well worth a look! ALSO-- check out this excellent new College Board AP page especially for *homeschool students*! This includes everything you need to know in a nice 2-page PDF you can print out or use online!

We are pleased to be able to offer once again a full listing of AP courses-- hope you'll be able to find a course here that matches your student's interests and abilities! These courses help students be well prepared for the College Board AP Exams, given in mid-May each year (see this link for the 2020-2021 AP exam schedule).

We're so pleased to be welcoming back almost all of our wonderful AP Teachers-- and we are now very happy to announce several new teachers joining us for this coming school year:
We are also very pleased to offer a 'lead-up to AP' class in Honors English Language Arts, led by Jody Best once again. This class, which has had a very successful first year in 2018-2019, is organized to follow the key guidelines of the College Board new Pre-AP courses, and will help prepare students in 8th, 9th, or 10th grade to be ready for the rigors of AP-level coursework in a full range of disciplines.  Jody Best is not only a certified teacher in English, but the homeschooling mother of two wonderful daughters who have taken part in many of our AP Online classes. Her class is just the right *starting place* for many students. 
Along the lines of this 'lead up' English course, we are also very pleased to be able to offer now an INTRODUCTION to Computer Science online class, led by our current AP Computer Science Principles teacher Rebekah Lang. This course is designed for 8th, 9th, or 10th graders with a strong interest in this field, but much less background experience and understanding. This course will make AP Computer Science coursework much more accessible in future years for many students.
We are also now offering an HONORS Chemistry course, to help students be ready for the rigors of AP Chemistry. This new class is lead by very experienced chemistry teacher and homeschooling mother Connie Schwartz. This course will use a text, pre-recorded teacher-developed video/PowerPoint lectures, and hands-on experimentation. This course is aimed at students wanting a very rigorous chemistry course, with possible goals of going into a STEM field in college, and who want a firm grounding in the field before tackling AP Chemistry. 
NCAA--YESSS!!! Several years ago, our program completed the process to have our AP courses approved as *core courses* for the NCAA eligibility requirements for student-athletes seeking to play Division I and II sports in college. (The only AP courses we offer not considered as 'core courses' are AP Art History, AP Studio Art, and AP Music Theory-- these don't count as 'core courses' for public schools, either...) We now regularly submit our Pennsylvania Homeschoolers AP Online transcripts for our student-athletes who are registered with the NCAA. Hooray!!!

During the 2019-2020 school year we have had approximately 870 students involved in our classes, and many of these students were taking two, three, and even four classes through our program (especially once they are experienced in AP level coursework). We hope that your students will be able to join us next school year! We are proud of the academic community that has developed as homeschooled high school students connect with their bright, motivated classmates from all across our nation and even around the world. 

Find out...

Our classes develop a community of scholars who interact through class postings, course-related projects and games, responding to one another's work, discussions, and much more. Check out our new Class Showcase postings by teachers to get a feel for their classes in action. 

See statistics from the College Board showing that more than three quarters of our students earn top grades of 4 or 5 on the AP exams, and learn how word of mouth has helped our courses grow without a marketing campaign or corporate backing.

In short, find out what makes hundreds of homeschooled students return to our courses year after year. We hope you join our class community! Learn more...

We will have all of our Pennsylvania Homeschoolers AP Online class information for the 2020-2021 school year updated over the first week of February 2020! Students will be able to apply for courses, and starting on March 1, 2020 *tuition payments* can be made in our online store or via check or our payment plan. Hope you'll find AP or Honors coursework suitable for your student!