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These projects... helped cement the concepts we were learning and show how they are applied in real life. I cannot think of one assignment that was not valuable in some way.

Pre-AP Latin

On-Line for the 2020-2021 School Year

Teacher: Sherri Madden



This Latin course is designed to prepare students for the AP Latin course to be taken the following year.  Grammar and syntax will be reviewed and solidified, vocabulary will be increased and reading/translating skills will be improved. Practices used in the AP Latin course (sight readings, multiple choice tests, essay writing, reading original prose and poetry selections) will also be employed to familiarize students with AP methods.  

COURSE DATES:  week of August 31, 2020– week of May 17, 2021

One live session per week will be scheduled with students. The day and time will be determined by consensus once registration is completed.

BREAKS:  one week off at Thanksgiving, two weeks off at Christmas and one week off for Spring Brea

TIME REQUIREMENTS:  10-12 hours per week


COURSE TUITION:  $800 (early bird $750 by July 1, 2020)


Review vocabulary, all pronouns, adjective and noun declensions as well as verb forms: indicative and subjunctive moods - active and passive; imperatives, infinitives, participles 



I purposely did not assign a Latin level number to this class because the Latin classes already taken by students wanting to sign up for this class vary in intensity and difficulty.  This Pre-AP class is for students who have, at the least, finished a strong Latin II class and possibly even a Latin III class.  Students who do not feel quite ready for the AP Latin course (or who do not pass the AP Assessment for my AP Latin course) and who would like to solidify their vocabulary, grammar and translating skills before taking AP Latin are the ideal candidates for this class.  


Elementary, middle school and high school Latin classes have been taught by me in the homeschooling community of Charlotte, NC for the past 18 years.  I also teach in private schools and do Independent Studies with students whose schools do not offer Latin. Rhodes College in Memphis, TN is my alma mater. I graduated with a B.A. in Classics and have done some graduate work at the University of Georgia.  A Fulbright Award with the opportunity to study at the American Academy in Rome during the summer of 2006 was a highlight of my career. I fully understand the benefits of studying Latin and I love to bring those benefits to my students.  As students read the ancient authors and absorb the beauty of this writing in its original language into their souls, they become more eloquent and logical thinkers and speakers. It is sheer joy for me to see this happen in my students. I am the mother of 5 grown children (all of whom took Latin!) and 3 grandchildren (who will all learn Latin!) in whom I take great delight!

OTHER LATIN CLASSES BY MAGISTRA MADDEN:  Please email me at if you have students interested in taking other levels of online Latin classes.

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