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I plan to major in economics based largely on the strength of this course.  I also applied for a full-tuition + yearly stipend academic scholarship in economics at a top university... [and] I ended up getting the scholarship.  Before my senior year, my knowledge of economics pretty much went as far as a rudimentary understanding of supply and demand.

AP English Language

On-Line for the 2018-2019 School Year

Teacher: Anna Rebmann



In the 2018-2019 school year, there are TWELVE spots available, including ONE partial scholarship for a student who would otherwise be unable to afford the class.  All students MUST complete an application and be accepted into the course before processing payment. 


For the first time, I am offering an AUDIT OPTION for self-starting students whose schedules make it impossible to commit to the full course.  Students will have access to all of the teaching materials, website, etc. but are free to submit work as much or little as they are able.  Audit students will have the opportunity participate in wwwboard discussions and submit two full practice exams for feedback in the Spring Term. Audit students do not need to fill out an application.  They should mail a check for $180 to PA Homeschoolers with "Rebmann AP LANG" on the check, plus email Miss Anna separately to let her know that they are participating as Audit students. 

Course Description:

AP English Language and Composition will train students to be fearless readers, writers and thinkers.  We will be “close reading” to discover the text slowly and allow in-depth discussion.  Poetry, fiction and drama will allow us to explore language use, structure, and imagery in different contexts.  In addition to required reading of classic authors, student teams pick books to read together from a short list of options, spanning different cultures and eras.  Students should expect between 30-50 pages of reading a week, a weekly recorded video lecture, and several short "morning messages" that are posted on the class website, teaching analysis skills specific to the module.

Students will develop their critical thinking skills throughout the course.  They will become comfortable answering questions such as “What is the intent of this work?  Who are the proposed audience?  What devices are being used to forward the author’s intent?”  We will spend several weeks examining rhetorical devices, focusing on political cartoons and speeches .  Students will encounter legendary men such as Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King in additional to contemporary figures.

Students will continue to hone their writing skills.  Assignments will include free-writes, creative first-person accounts, style imitation exercises and a final research paper.  We will move beyond the five-paragraph formula for essays, learning to express ideas in longer and shorter structures.  We will also build our timed writing skills in preparation for the A.P. Exam in May.  There will be about two writing assignments a week.  Each student will receive the opportunity to have three one-on-one coaching sessions with the instructor: two in the first term, one before the exam.

Although this course will prepare students for the A.P. exam, the larger goal is to prepare them to be confident, effective readers and communicators.  In that mindset, I encourage students to broaden their interface with other writing genres.  As time allows, students write poetry, short pieces of drama, rhetoric and satire in addition to two research papers and many timed essays in preparation for the exam.  This course encourages students to discuss what they are reading in the original context --as well as it's connection to our contemporary issues.  Respectful communication is encouraged at all times.  I was very proud of my students from  past *election* years.  We had a variety of backgrounds represented in the class, yet students managed to ask hard questions of each other while remaining friends.      

Who Should Apply:  Any high school student who is already a strong reader and writer is welcome to apply.  This course is designed for 10th grade and above, but I will consider 9th grade students after consultation with their parents.   Members of the class need to be self-motivated and have good time-management skills. 

It is important to remember that A.P. courses are designed for students who have already mastered high school material.  Students should expect to 8-10 hours of work a week.   Some students benefit from waiting a year—allowing them to enjoy a positive, rather than stressful, course experience.

Scholarships:  There is one partial scholarship reserved for a student with potential who would otherwise unable to afford the course.  The scholarship is awarded on a term by term basis, dependent on the student maintaining a 3.5 GPA in the course. Please see the application form below for further details.

Required Texts

Cliffnotes AP English Language and Composition, 4th Edition

The Oxford Book of Essays by John Gross

The Elements of Style by Strunk and White


Required, but available online through the Gutenberg Project or other free websites

Various Poetry--Frost, Poe, Donne, and others.

Various Speeches--Lincoln, Churchill, Martin Luther King and others.

Various Cartoons from major news sources--New York Times, Washington Post, etc.

Excerpts from Aristotle's Rhetoric.

Hamlet by William Shakespeare

A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift

The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde

The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens



Students will choose TWO texts from a pre-approved list of works to read and discuss with their study teams, plus ONE piece of classic fiction as their final independent study project.  The majority of these are free online, or common at local libraries.   The options for the two team projects are as follows:


Creative Non-Fiction Options: Module C

The Diary of Anne Frank, by Anne Frank

A Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas, by Frederick Douglas

Long Walk to Freedom, by Nelson Mandela


Non-Fiction to Inform: Module D

A Night to Remember, by Walter Lord

Profiles of Courage, by J.F. Kennedy

Band of Brothers, by Stephen Ambrose


Author options for the independent study project include the following: Dickens, Bronte, Updike, Cooper, Hawthorne, Steinbeck, Virginia Wolfe, and many, many more. 


Students are responsible to work with their teams to be sure that every student can access the work of choice.  Students without access to a good public library should let Miss Anna know at the beginning of the year.


Technical Details

                -The course is hosted on a password protected site designed by PA Homeschoolers.

                -The course is extremely interactive.  It utilizes discussion boards, weekly recorded lectures on YouTube and study teams to create a collaborative environment. 

                -Students are emailed a syllabus at the beginning of the course and a weekly update of assignments.  This allows them to plan around their other assignments and activities.  Parents also receive the syllabus and weekly updates.

                -Creative mini-lectures will be posted on the class website on a weekly basis, introducing key concepts.  Watch a sample lecture here:

                -All weekly assignments are due on Friday at midnight, Eastern Standard Time.  I will have constructive feedback for the students’ work by Monday night.  In the event of travel plans, students should contact me to discuss other arrangements.

               -I check email regularly--and am available for Skype or phone consultation and tutoring.

                -Students receive an evaluation of progress before Christmas break and at the end of the course.

Class Schedule: The class begins August 27 and ends on the exam date in May. 

Fall Mini-Break: October 7-11

Thanksgiving Holiday: November 22-26

Christmas Holiday: December 18-January 14

Spring Break: March 10-14

Easter Holiday: April 14-19

2018 Exam Date: Early to mid May

Registration Deadline:  Applications are accepted until August 28th, the first day of the class.  However, space is limited.  I recommend that student submit their applications by August 1st.

Application: See bottom of page. 

Class Fee: The class is $650 before July 1st and $700 after July 1st.

Questions?  Please email

My Qualifications

I graduated from homeschooling with a PA Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency (PHAA) Diploma in 2009 and received my B.A. in Theatre Performance and Creative Writing from Belhaven University in 2013.  Last year, I received a MA in Acting from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.  I have tutored writing and reading throughout my life.  My students have gone on to thrive in university environments, studying everything from political science to environmental ethics.  I am looking forward to my fourth year teaching with PA Homeschoolers!

In addition to teaching, I am a writer and actress.  My non-fiction and dramatic work have won awards at the Southern Literary Festival.  My plays have been produced in China, the UK, and the USA.    I am passionate about effective communication and the stewardship of words.  After all, it is a part of my daily life!  I am incredibly excited to share those passions with homeschool students.     



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