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Mrs. Serbicki created an absolutely marvelous class that truly prepped me for the AP English Lit Exam. When I walked into the room on test day and opened up my booklet, I wasn't in for any surprises - everything had been beautifully covered.

AP European History

On-Line for the 2017-2018 School Year

Teacher: Hannah Donohue


Tuition Fees: Early Bird Tuition (before July 1st): $600.00; Regular Tuition: $625

Course Dates: August 27th, 2018 - May, 2019.

Registration Deadline: Enrollment for this class is closed. Class space is limited to 20 students.

Who should apply: Motivated home-schooled students in grades 10-12 who wish to take the AP European History exam and are willing to devote 8-10 hours a week to study, including a substantial amount of reading and writing. It is also important that applicants are willing to actively participate in this course.  

Required Texts: 

Class description: This is a college-level course which investigates the cultural, intellectual, political, social, and economic history of Europe through four chronological periods from the Renaissance to the present, and is structured around five course themes: 1) Interaction of Europe and the World, 2) Poverty and Prosperity, 3) Objective Knowledge and Subjective Visions, 4) States and other Institutions of Power, and 5) Individual and Society. In addition to gaining factual knowledge, such as basic chronology and major events, students will master key concepts, develop historical thinking skills, examine primary and secondary sources, develop writing skills, and practice both short answer questions and document-based questions in preparation for the AP European History exam given in May 2019.  All students are expected to take this exam.

The course is conducted entirely online using a variety of multimedia tools [online lectures, articles, videos, virtual tours, animated maps, charts & graphs, etc.] in addition to the printed textbooks and anthology. Students will not only complete regular reading, writing, and homework assignments, but will actively participate with their classmates in lively discussions on our class website, respond to other students' essays, and join occasional Google+ Hangouts for discussions or review sessions. This course includes a summer assignment which will be both posted on this page and emailed to accepted students mid-June. 

General Objectives of the Class:

Regular Assignments Will Include:

Technical Requirements: High-speed Internet access and computer, a Gmail account, and Word Processing [Microsoft or other, excluding .pages]

Instructor qualifications

- State of Ohio Educator License, Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA) Social Studies

- B.S. in Education (AYA Social Studies), Franciscan University of Steubenville

This will be my third year teaching AP European History with PA Homeschoolers AP Online Classes. I have also taught Honors American History, Civics, World History, Criminal Justice, and 20th Century American History in Jefferson County Public Schools, Ohio. I also served as a teaching assistant at the Volksschule Gaming (Elementary School) in Gaming, Austria, during a semester abroad, where I taught English language and reading. I have traveled in Europe, particularly in Eastern Austria and throughout Italy, and I speak with elementary proficiency in both German and Spanish. Before deciding to become a history teacher, I studied music education, theory, and performance at a conservatory in my native state of Virginia. My K-8 education was conducted at home under the supervision of my parents, so I am familiar with the homeschooling community and have a great appreciation for the educational philosophies and varied reasons underpinning the choice to educate at home. My husband was homeschooled K-12 and we hope someday to continue the tradition by educating our children at home as well.


Feedback from Former Students:

I loved this class so much!! The assignments were all extremely helpful and although it was a class conducted entirely on the internet, it still felt as if there was a strong class community present all of the time. I felt very much prepared for the exam and somehow, all of the assignments and content of the course were spread out throughout the year in a way that did not make me stress too much as I reviewed over the past few weeks leading up to the exam. I really enjoyed the discussion threads that took place throughout the year. I also liked that the lectures we were provided with were a mix of older documentaries as well as more contemporary videos. Thank you so much, Mrs. Donohue, for all of your hard work and dedication -- I truly enjoyed being your student this year! - Trinity D, 2018

This class gave me an excellent overview of European History and (I think) prepared me well for the AP Exam. I enjoyed the balance of individual assignments and group discussions. Even though I initially felt hesitant about the FRQs, by AP Week, they were my strongest point. The homework was also overall quite varied, interesting, and helpful in understanding Euro concepts. Feedback was always timely and on-point. This course sparked my interest in European history, especially the complex relations between movements, events, and themes; it also greatly increased my interest in and enthusiasm for history in general. - Juliana C, 2018

Thank you for doing such a great job preparing me for it and for being such a great teacher throughout this past year! - Matt S, 2016

I have never gotten anything as high as a 4 on any exam ... because [of] test anxiety. I can only think it was due to your hard work in preparing the class, as well as the one-on-one emails that got me this score. Thank you so much! - Elizabeth Z, 2016

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